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The main objective of the partnership is create a HANDBOOK or TEACHER MANUAL with drama activities and interactive games.

Here you have the results of our work, the activities, games, and new approaches into Foreign languages teaching-learning.

We hope these materials are useful for you and we encourage you to put some of the activities into practice with your students and feel free to send us your feed-back and suggestions.

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FRANCE: Lycee du Cleusmeur
GREECE: Environmental Education Centre of Filippi
ITALY: Istituto Tecnico "Alessandro Volta"
LITHUANIA: Alytaus Dailuju Amatu Mokykla
SPAIN: Combining Learning Acting and Playing
TURKEY: Urla Halk Egitimi Merkezi

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


This writing workshop were organised by the Finistere Regional Library, in partnership with the local Departement of Youth and Sport, the Writers'Club and the Theatre Company"Très tôt".

These workshops are offered to young people who are not usually into reading or writting.

210 youg people from 14 to 25 years old, piloted by 5 professional writers, took part in these workshops.

The youngsters were invited to write on the theme of citizenship and

republican values. It is the chance to put into words about living alongside one another, tolerance, respect, fraternity and the involvement in housing estates.

At the college, 11 students from 2nd year CAP(Certificat d'aptitude professionnelle)(vocational training qualification), participated in the workshop, under the responsability of the french teacher.

This activity took place over 8 workshops lasting 2 hours each.

the youngsters worked with the writter, Erwan Bargain, who was able to listen to them and thus motivate and encourage them.

They wrote in their own words, and expressed their feelings of happiness, love but also their pain and fears. Some also managed to express their malaise which at time was moving.

All written work remained confidential, it could be read out aloud during the workshop but that remained a free choice.

The texts were selected by the youngsters and the organizer and kept for publication and a public presentation.

A professional actor will meet the youngsters over 3 séances of 2 hours and they will learn how to live out their written work in order to present them during a theatre production.

A photographer discretely came during one of the writting workshops, his photos will make up part of a collection.

The edition of this collection of photos and texts will be shown during the course of the year.

Some exercises which can be suggested :

1) The "Proust questionnaire:

If I was a colour, I would be.......

If I was a material, I woud be........

If I was a smell, I would be..........

If I was an emotion, I would be......

If I was one of the 4 elements, I would be.....

If I was an animal, I would be....

If I was a season, I would be...

f, I was an object, I would be.....

If I was a town, I would be....

If I was a place, I would be....

If I was a verb, I would be the verb...

If I was a film, I would be.....

If I was a song , I would be....

If I was a fiction character, I would be......

Each time, you have to explain why you have chosen it.(For exemple , if I was a flower I would be a rose because.....)

2) Write a letter

The consign is : write a letter to your great, great, great, great grandfather

3)Write something about :

"Before, it was better" or

"The world within 80 years" or

"If I was a man......"(for the girls) or

"If I was a woman"(for a man)

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