This BLOG is the product of the "LET'S LEARN BY PLAYING" (LLP) project which is developing as a Grundtvig European Project since September 2008 by the patners of six institutions belonging to six different countries. The project started at a first contact seminar held in Riga (Latvia).

The main objective of the partnership is create a HANDBOOK or TEACHER MANUAL with drama activities and interactive games.

Here you have the results of our work, the activities, games, and new approaches into Foreign languages teaching-learning.

We hope these materials are useful for you and we encourage you to put some of the activities into practice with your students and feel free to send us your feed-back and suggestions.

Project coordinator.


FRANCE: Lycee du Cleusmeur
GREECE: Environmental Education Centre of Filippi
ITALY: Istituto Tecnico "Alessandro Volta"
LITHUANIA: Alytaus Dailuju Amatu Mokykla
SPAIN: Combining Learning Acting and Playing
TURKEY: Urla Halk Egitimi Merkezi

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


The didactic themes :Education to the responsible citizenship, the rules as a base of common living and freedom, in fact living without sharing rules produces the individualism, the exaggerated will of the power, the loosing of a better world and the destruction of the society.

Educative practices Reading and comprehension of the text, historical context , Reading of extracts about the responsible citizenship. Building a community with the same aims, to set :rules, prices, castigations. Sharing the common objectives, prices and castigations. using all the opportunities of the community to build the hopes, Deterioration of a community, delusion

Method The game and the theatre as a metaphor of the didactic chosen theme. The school is a simulation of the reality so the theatre is a tool to realize project with a constructivist method.

Feedback At the end of the process the group will meet and rationalize all the project comparing it to the aims of single person, of the group, of the school and of the society. All the said procedures do not correspond to the sequences of the process to be done because often the processes are transversal it means that they last for all the period of the realization of the project or they last even after the realization of the process.

All the processes use all the available sources: example the presence of a singer among the teachers, having good in drawing teachers and students , having shy students has obliged to do a play without long dialogues. The project has been done considering all the possible sources of the school group day after day.

In practice

After reading the novel Animal farm by Orwell, we have chosen to act the most meaningful scenes

1. The introduction of the characters all the characters enter and introduce themselves.

2. The narrating voice says that Mr Jones has been sent away and explain what is going to happen.

3. Revolution, after the Major discourse all the animals act a revolution. Dance. All the people present will be involved in the game.

4. The commandments :song and game as electricity

5. All the animals are happy and sing and dance.

6. The commandments during the night are destroyed, the narrating voice explains what is going to happen.

7. Song Beast of England

8. All the characters move

9. The final card What will happen

Old Major: My name’s Old Major. I’m good and wise,

I understand the nature of life.

Man is the enemy we have to fight.

Get rid of him, I’m always right!

Mollie: I’m Mollie, the white mare.

Some think I’m stupid, but I don’t care!

If you’ve got sugar, please give me some

cause I’m the sweetest on the farm!

Squealer: My name’s Squealer, I’m a pig.

I’m a brilliant talker and if you like

I can turn black to white!

Benjamin: I’m Benjamin, the donkey

My cynical remarks are known

And indeed I prefer to be alone.

God gave me a tail to keep flies off

Bad-tempered and quiet I’m also tough!

Clover: I’m a mare and four foals I have

None of them I see

For Jones took them away from me.

For this reason with Old Major I agree

When he says animals MUST be free!!

Boxer: My name’s Boxer, famous is my strength

With a kick I knock down the fence.

Happy we’d be all year

If only Jones could disappear!!!!!!

Napoleon: My name’s Napoleon, I’m quick in speech

And many things I can teach

I’ll be the leader, you have no choice

So just chill out and save your voice!!!!

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