This BLOG is the product of the "LET'S LEARN BY PLAYING" (LLP) project which is developing as a Grundtvig European Project since September 2008 by the patners of six institutions belonging to six different countries. The project started at a first contact seminar held in Riga (Latvia).

The main objective of the partnership is create a HANDBOOK or TEACHER MANUAL with drama activities and interactive games.

Here you have the results of our work, the activities, games, and new approaches into Foreign languages teaching-learning.

We hope these materials are useful for you and we encourage you to put some of the activities into practice with your students and feel free to send us your feed-back and suggestions.

Project coordinator.


FRANCE: Lycee du Cleusmeur
GREECE: Environmental Education Centre of Filippi
ITALY: Istituto Tecnico "Alessandro Volta"
LITHUANIA: Alytaus Dailuju Amatu Mokykla
SPAIN: Combining Learning Acting and Playing
TURKEY: Urla Halk Egitimi Merkezi

Monday, 18 January 2010


This exercise calls for instant reaction from the entire group to
an order from the tutor telling them to form a shape. They
must act as one unit, but nobody should speak, although
members of the group may physically guide others to complete
the required shape quickly. The tutor only gives the order once
so that the group must listen and then move swiftly and
silently into the shape. As soon as one shape is completed, the
tutor gives the order for the next shape and so on. Speed,
discipline and economy of movement are required.
Some examples are: Square, equals sign, multiplication sign,
question mark, exclamation mark, division sign, circle, the
letter Z, the number 4, triangle, straight line.

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